We are two Oregon Artists offering special artistic creations, with the discerning executive or the most discriminate buyer in mind.  Two Spirit Creationoffers the finest quality products available.  Everything we make is designed by us and  handcrafted from the best materials.  The quality of our Craftsmanship is completely guaranteed. 

COMMISSONS GLADLY ACCEPTED....Please contact us with your ideas


We are able to offer fine art Prints of our work through Fine Art America, providing prints in many sizes and choices, framed or not.. shipped within 48 hours, 30 day money back guarantee.  It is a safe and secure place to shop.    Art Prints




Polaris Pens and Pencils

Our Pen's & Pencils are special artistic creations, designed for writing comfort, individually free hand turned on a wood lathe using many exotic woods and burls from around the world.  Carefully chosen for their beauty and durability.  Each wood pen is sealed and polished using a special lacquer hand rubbed finish.  We feel confident that you will enjoy the unique feel and natural warmth of your new wood writing instrument.

Paintings & Drawings

Enjoy your tour through our gallery.  Some of our creations are for sale, many are just for show.   We also do commissions, so please let us know if there is a special order we can do for you. 

Magnetic Therapy Jewelry

Pyrography is the art of Writing with Fire.  I am currently doing consignments of this work.  Using a heating iron, a design is actually burned into the wood, creating some stunning results. Fire Paintings

The Native American Flute





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We both have a lot of fun designing and creating, and we love to share our fun with others.

Our Items are definitely one of a kind creations.  For more information on who we are as artists please visit our ABOUT THE ARTISTS page.

We both work with many and various media, but our truest loves are of Wood & Leather, , and naturally Paula (being a leather smith for 28 years) favors working with Leather.  Cindy's favorite media (if she could actually pick one) would be Wood.  The Spectacular creations of Leather will amaze you.  Paula creates fabulous boxes as well as custom work, making sheaths for knives and guns.  And the wonderful Indian Style Deer Skin Bags that we make are truly a high quality bag for a very low price.  You will also be equally impressed with the wonderful writing instruments that we have so much fun designing and creating.                                           

  Some of the items we will be showing will be for sale and some will not, you will know the items that are for sale by the price put on them.  We are able to accept payments of just about any kind through Pay-Pal.  We have tried to make it a very simple process, and Pay-Pal does indeed make it very simple and secure, so please enjoy your shopping experience with us.

If you have any questions or concerns or are interested in a custom order, please notify us.  We are always happy to hear from you.



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